Forest bathing workshop

Forest Bathing workshop with students of ESA Saint-Luc, Bruxelles

Introducing the context

  • connecting to the macro-cosmos:
    • walk in silence
    • mute phones
    • open up to experiments, even if there can be some resistance
  • Bois de la Cambre / ForĂȘt de Soignes:
    • 5km walk
    • max 3hs

Introducing some species

Looking at bark, leafs, fruits, specific values in use, in Celtic use - beech - hornbeam - poplar - oak - linden - maple - chestnut


  • share a memory of a tree
  • choose a tree and say hello, observe its bark, look up to the leaves, down to the roots, be conscious about the wood wide web
  • how does a tree manage to have its leafs change colour and fall down (this workshop was in autumn)
    • photosynthesis
    • basic exchange tree-human: oxygen & CO2
    • breathing together
  • guided meditation: become an oak of 35Oys old, smell the soil in which it is rooted
  • meet a tree
    • find a tree that calls you
    • greet the tree
    • ask a question following Philippine practise
    • explore your expression with your own medium (drawing/writing/photography...)
  • final sharing